At Grifid Education Center, we strongly believe that the school environment should come hand in hand with the real-world learning to ensure highest training results. Professional and personal development is best achieved through a balance of practice and theory, providing the combination of skills that the industry demands.

This is the reason we have set the industry placement program as an important part of the Grifid Education Center curriculum. Its main objective is students to gain practical experience and:
• Combine knowledge and skills gained at Grifid Education Center with practical skills used in the real world environment
• Provide opportunity to apply interpersonal /communication skills in a work setting
• Gain confidence in student’s own abilities
• Develop a network of professional contacts that includes both company, staff and other interns
• To further improve language and personal skills

More than half of the duration of your studies with us, you will train in high rated hotels and their food outlets and will get paid for your training experience!

After 2 months training at the Grifid Education Center, the students are given their first opportunity to work in a hotel restaurant or kitchen at Grifid Hotels in Bulgaria. The first industry placement gives the student the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills, and to learn how to integrate and work in a team of other professionals.
The second industry placement takes the student to the next step: mastering the knowledge and skills obtained at Grifid Education Center in a multicultural environment by practicing in a hotel restaurant or kitchen outside Bulgaria.

In order to qualify for the second internship, the student must have completed successfully the Foundation level of studies at Grifid Education Center and passed all exams in the Advanced level of studies.

The internship duration at Grifid Education Center is 3 to 6 months.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.