Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts


February 2015


18 months

The food service and hospitality industry is continuously growing, and with it the demand for skilled workers in the field of culinary arts and gastronomy. The Culinary Arts program at Grifid Education Center prepares students to take advantage of the need with skills and experience in the industry.
Grifid Education Culinary Arts program combines intensive hands-on cooking course with an understanding of the food service industry. Theory and practice classes will teach menu planning, knife skills and classical cooking methods and techniques, kitchen hygiene & safety and more, while business courses in operations planning and control, accounting, marketing and cost control will equip you with the right tools to manage or run a restaurant or other gastronomy related business.

Taught entirely by experienced chefs and experts in the food industry, Grifid Education Center’s full-time culinary arts program is а unique opportunity to learn and develop your skills right next to professionals with years of background in the industry.

You’ll also learn important communication skills, including how to manage staff members and how to interact with customers in a professional manner. These skills often mean the difference between average and exceptional in the industry.

The training focuses on practice. Our teaching restaurant is run entirely by students in the Food & Beverage and Culinary Arts programs. Important role in the program is given to the paid internship placements in Bulgaria and abroad extending to more than 50% of your learning time at Grifid Education Center. Read more about the industry placements here.

The Culinary Arts program require secondary school diploma or equivalent. Courses in hospitality, economy or business studies, as well as experience in the food services industry, are not required, however seen as a plus.


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